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Individual Grief Work Support

60-minute sessions

Sometimes, our emotional and physical responses to death, loss, change, and transition are unexpected and complex. We don't always recognize that what we're feeling is grief, and we don't always know how to show up for ourselves or others when grief shows up.

Individual Grief Work Support sessions are tailored to make space for and address your unique circumstances and needs, whether you are grieving or you are trying to be there for someone else who is.

Grief Work Support honors the impact of changes like:

  • the death of a beloved relative, friend, pet, or community member

  • a tragic or disenfranchised loss, the loss of a complicated relationship, or a symbolic loss

  • an estrangement, divorce, gender transition, job loss, or fracture in your community

  • a change in health, social, or financial status that has challenged your identity

  • the weight of existential threats such as systemic oppression, climate change, or denial and minimization of an ongoing global pandemic.

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Grief Work Support Groups

90-minute sessions

There are two main types of Grief Work Support Groups:

Community Bereavement drop-in meetings are loosely facilitated conversations for grieving people to connect, share stories and resources, and heal together. 

Grief Workshop Groups are crafted to address one specific concept, theory, skill, technique, perspective, ritual, process, or other special topic. Grief Workshop Groups tend to be structured more like a class than a conversation. Rates and timelines may vary.

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Organizational Grief Work Support

Speeches, Trainings, &  Bereavement Consulting

The world has suffered immense loss and change in recent years. Compassionate, responsible leaders are addressing the needs of the people in their organizations, and Grief Work Support can be crafted as unique, custom wellness program offeringsspeaking engagements, community-building retreat workshops, or as part of a crisis response.

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